Artist statement

[Relay of the life and flux] ~ All things are in a state of flux

(My root way of thinking , motive of  production)


“ 流転/ruten ”are Buddhist terminology. The Japanese words “ 流転/ruten ” means that “all things are a  state of change flux” and “everything flows”

There is the japanese word “輪廻/rinne" with a synonym. This is a Buddhism term, too. It is a "reincarnation" in English.

The life after death of the Buddhismthe all living things repeat a life and death in the world called “六道/Rikudo”, and it is said that they transmigrate.

This weltanschauung has been expressed to "Mandala" of the Buddhist art from old times in Japan.

The image of these life and death, it is one that has been popular to Japanese from a old time.

However, in the works of my painting, it is not intended to reproduce the iconography such as "a mandala".

In other words, it is that a way of thinking is important.


For example, the plant has a cycle of the following circulation.

[seeding],[germination], [send out buds], [bud], [flowering], [blooming], [run to seed], [death], [in seed][reseed]


In this way, these circulate and relay it to the next generation.

It is a circulation process that apply to all life.

I aim for concretizing by a picture that circulation of the life and the flow of the energy.

The all living things repeat a life and death. And there are always changing without staying.

Because of their fragility, our sad fleeting emotions is born. We feel beauty and affection there.

This is called "Mujyo" in a Japanese Buddhism term.

By the above, I create a theme based on a concept of "Ruten" and "Mujyo".

By these concepts, I want to express "Respect for nature" and "Prayer to the life and death"


Subject to this concept (motif) is directed to all living things, such as plants and people and landscapes.

But my main focus of the current is a plant.

I can see the life relay of the plant in about one year at the four season.

The cycle of the human life is longer than a plant for dozens of years.

However, the process is similar.   

When I see the cycle of the life and death of the plant, it seems that they personify it.

I feel homesickness, a dream or hope from the cycle of the plant.

Furthermore, these are giving me courage, sense of security and sometimes fear.

In japan, people have believed that gods and soul exist in all things in nature.

Therefore nature such as "a mountain and a tree, the sea and a river, the rock" has been enshrined as an object of faith for a long time.

It is a thought of the ”animism”.

From a point of view by the plant observation, I am researching the animism thought and expression.

And I intend to perform the consideration that how expressed them by art and decoration historically.

At the same time, how had been expressing the "prayer" in the West ? I will attempt to compare consideration.

I am taking advantage of it in my expression.

I has deploy the concept image, such as the "icon painting of the plant (animism)".icon paintingεικών